Tuesday, May 21, 2013



Spring flowers of the SWTJ November 2011 spring flower bulb planting project have been blooming for the second time around!!

In October and November 2011, SWTJ conducted a flower bulb planting project with temporary housing residents in several locations in the disaster area. The purpose of the project was to bring together residents of temporary housing who at that time still didn't know each other well, and to engage residents in an activity that would bring them continuous joy through cooperation for a long time. 

In October 2011, a large number of sponsors had sent us flower bulbs, planting materials, or financial aid to conduct the project!
Our contacts in Tohoku have been keeping us update on how the flowers are doing, and we would like to share the photos they sent us, so that our blog readers can share the joy these flowers still bring!

Late April 2012: Tulips in Rikuzentakata soon to bloom!

The tulips near the Isaribi Temporary Housing Unit in full bloom in May 2012!

In summer 2012, evacuees carefully dug up and dried tulip bulbs until the autumn, and used the new SWTJ planters to plant sunflowers during the summer!

Summer 2012

In autumn 2012, the planters were prepared for the next spring, and the bulbs replanted.

Early April 2013

Mrs. Murakami from the Isaribi Temporary Housing Unit, where many evacuees from the Karakuwa Peninsula (Kesennuma) stay, helped plant and take care of the bulbs.

                               In  late April 2013, the tulips again started to bloom!!

And in mid-May they were in full bloom again!

Isaribi Temporary Housing at left

SWTJ would like to again thank the sponsors who so generously donated bulbs, materials and financial aid for the project. We would also like to thank the residents in the temporary housing in Rikuzentakata and Kesennuma for taking such good care of the bulbs. Special thanks also to Mr.Yoshida of the Isaribi Park Godai restaurant for sending us most of the photos!